Starting on Substack

So many questions before I begin this new adventure.

Dan Hanley
2 min readMar 22
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Many here on Medium have been a huge help as I decide whether or not to create a Substack account and begin writing a newsletter.

The decision is over; now on to Substack!

I’ve had “add a newsletter” to my business plan for two years. Substack seems the place to be. Even as I start creating my account, I’ve already stopped as my first question pops up.

What do I name my newsletter? It’s the first thing one has to consider when creating an account and asked to add what will become your weblink.

My name auto-fills the space. I’m not sure if that’s what I want my newsletter called, or my link.

I’ve considered using something with the name of my business, Altrui, in the title of the newsletter. Or maybe it’s better if I create a name that alludes to the fact that we do fundraising consulting for nonprofits?

I’ll spend the next day or two researching what others are doing.

Meanwhile, what did you decide to call your newsletter, and why?

I would also love to know how often you publish. I currently post a lot: Daily posts mOnday through Friday on LinkedIn; a weekly blog post on my company website; two or three articles a week on Medium. At least that feels like a lot to me!

So much to learn. Perfect for someone who frequently uses #alwayslearning on social media posts.

So my Substack journey begins. I’m writing this article because I need help, and also to keep myslef accountable. I want to keep going, get through all of my personal hurdles, and get to the point where I am publishing my first newsletter on Substack.

That will be an amazing day.

Take a risk. Be of service. Support your friends and colleagues. Be kind.



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