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Fundraising Tip — 5 Minutes for Recurring Donors

Recurring donors will support your fundraising efforts in many ways.

Dan Hanley
2 min readMar 17, 2023


Author in the Altrui office. Photo credit: Author

I often hear here nonprofit fundraising leaders mention recurring donors, but usually it’s in passing. A quick “we have that option on our donate page” or something like that.

Any amount of time, energy, and resources you put in to growing your recurring donors will come back to your organization tenfold.

It simply takes time and focus.

Here are a few things you do in just a few minutes that will at least strengthen your efforts. These come from actions we have had clients take while working with them on creating a recurring donor campaign.

First, continually ask supporters to consider being a monthly donor.

Next, create an impact statement to use with donors when growing your list of recurring donors. What does me giving monthly mean for your organization and your mission?



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