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Fundraising Tip — 10 Daily Actions

Try these and see the difference they make.

Dan Hanley
2 min readMar 23
Me in center. Big smile. Wearing checkered dress shirt. City street behind me with buildings and cars.
Author about to meet with a donor. Photo credit: Author

Fundraising is such an important part of a compassionate, caring, cultural world and I am grateful that I get the opportunity to do it.

Before Altrui, I led several fundraising teams. My first was a smaller nonprofit with a fundraising team of three. I created this list to support my efforts in growing relationships and fundraising.

I had only been in fundraising leadership for a year, and had found success in fundraising going down roads that are not common in your average fundraising plan. Here is a list of 10 things I did, if not daily, frequently.

One last thing. I totally understand that what I did may not work for everyone. A great example will be number 1.

1. Have Pandora or my IPOD on. Music inspires me and gets me ready to rock-n-roll. Especially before an important call.

2. Maintain a sense of gratitude. The truth is that I have so much. My life is amazing.

3. Thank your co-workers/team. Together you can rock it.

4. Let your friends and contacts on social media know what you’re doing.

5. Connect with a donor. This should happen every day. No matter your position, no matter how “busy” you are, no matter that the grant application is due at 5pm. Do it. Make the call.

6. Connect with a second donor. I know, but seriously, these connections are the life-blood of your organization.

7. Respond to, delete, or folder your email. I try to have no more than 10 emails in my inbox at any given time.

8. Investigate a potential corporate sponsor. Yes, this is a daily activity. If you can do more that is awesome. The more you can reach out to or check into the better.

9. Read. A blog. The newest fundraising book. A book about the cause you fundraise for. Take some time and read. I am currently reading “Heart of the Matter”.

10. Have dinner with your spouse. For sure. Or your significant other. Or a good friend.

These actions will help you build relationships with your communities and donors which will elevate your fundraising efforts.

I continue doing these actions as a consultant with equal impact.



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