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Another Loss For the Nonprofit Fundraising World

Another shining star decides to leave.

Dan Hanley
2 min readMay 19, 2023


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I love being in the nonprofit world.

I love being a consultant in the nonprofit world, being able to work with so many missions that are embedded in my heart.

I talk up our world all of the time. Nonprofits need good PR.

Recently, someone I highly respect, decided to leave our world.

They couldn’t take the lack of leadership.

They couldn’t take the lack of transparency.

They couldn’t take the politics.

They couldn’t take the consistent disrespect from leadership, including the board.

When I write the word “take”, it means a variety of things, including accept.

I spoke with them several times. I urged them to leave where they were but to please stay in the nonprofit world. Not all nonprofits are the same and I knew they could land at an amazing nonprofit that met their very normal expectations of a work place.



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